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Rent an oxygen concentrator

FAA approved

Rental costs for a mobile oxygen device for vacation or at home, Caire Eclipse 5

Rent per day:


Minimum rental period:


12.00 CHF

30.00 CHF

1 Month

1000.- (During the rental period)

The deposit can be credited towards the purchase price or will be refunded after the end of the rental period.

Return at your own expense, or have us collect it

After 6 months the device can be purchased for 1700.00 be acquired.

(With 2 year guarantee from start of rental)


-After 1 year, the client receives a new device and must return the “old” device. Collection is organized by Pulmotec AG. The old device must be packed well.

(Please use the packaging of the new device for return.)

New price upon purchase:   Please referHERE

Technical data: SeeHERE

Call for more information:044 543 66 66

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