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PulmoTec AG is more officialSwissImporter of Inogen products.

The Inogen at Home was a stationary one and is no longer manufactured. It was an ideal solution for patients who...Oxygen concentratorare looking for one that maximizes their oxygen delivery range and flexibility in a system that is quiet, easy to use and easy to maintain.


The Inogen at Home is designed to give your patients peace of mind that they are ready to resume their normal activities - such as: B. spending valuable time with family and friends, enjoying the great outdoors and traveling. It delivers up to 96% medical grade oxygen. It is light and quiet

PulmoTec AG is your first point of contact if you want to service the Inogen at Home or repair the Inogen at Home. Repairs and service on all oxygen concentrators.

Oxygen concentratorfromKröberandInvacare,DeVilbiss

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