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Pulmotec is an official dealer of Invacare products.

Invacare's oxygen concentrator, the Invacare Platinum Mobile, is no longer available.

With the mobile oxygen concentrator Invacare Platinum Mobile you are well supplied with oxygen on the go. You have full control at all times: just look at your smartphone and you will know the battery charge level, current pulse rate and much more.


The Invacare Piccolo O2 app shows you this information. It not only enables testing, but also quick help through digital instructions and resources as well as easy contact with the specialist dealer and their remote analysis option. Thanks to FAA approval, you can also take the oxygen concentrator on the plane. Actively organize your day, breathe freely and carefree and get closer to your dream vacation!

Here you will find ourscurrent rangeon mobile oxygen concentrators.

Repair and servicing of oxygen concentrators in our in-houseWorkshop, in Winterthur

Concentrator also fromInogen,DeVilbiss,Kröberand Invacare

INVACARE platinum mobile
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