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Pulmotec is the official importer of Kröber oxygen concentrators.


The family company Kröber Medizintechnik in Germany has been involved in the production and sale of medical devices for respiratory therapy since 1981, including Kröber O2 concentrators, so-called Kröber oxygen devices.


Kröber medical technology has developed rapidly and has been combining tradition and innovation for years. Kröber was able to demonstrate its performance, especially during the corona pandemic.

Commitment and continuity, solid and innovative technology and the development of market-oriented products are the self-imposed principles of Kröber Medizintechnik GmbH. Kröber benefits from exemplary developments in the past; For years the company has been recognized in the market as innovative, reliable and solid.

Kröber Medizintechnik faces the challenges of the future. Kröber Medizintechnik always keeps an eye on the rapid changes in the area of procurement management, efficient on-site production (Made in Germany) and a good balance between its own manufacturing know-how and reliable suppliers so that it can continue to operate competitively and innovatively in the global market tomorrow.

PulmoTec AG is your first point of contact if you want to service the Kröber oxygen concentrator or repair the Kröber oxygen concentrator. Repairs and service on all oxygen concentrators.

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