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Molecular sieves (also called zeolite filters) for Inogen One G5 and Inogen Rove 6  Devices


If your portable oxygen concentrator Inogen One G5 or Inogen Rove 6 shows the error message "O2 maintenance due" on the display - you should order a replacement from us.


The molecular sieves in the mobile oxygen concentrator Inogen One One G5 or the Inogen Rove 6 can be changed independently by the user with a little technical skill according to the instructions for use. (See picture 2)


Please follow the procedure in the instructions for use of your device


Scope of delivery as shown in the picture


Note: The sieves are not suitable for other Inogen One models.


Warranty: 1 year


EAN: 000000002730

Inogen spare part number: RP-502

Inogen spare part number: SP-803

Manufacturer number: INO SP-803

Molecular sieves for Inogen One G5 + Inogen Rove 6