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Highly effective nebulizer with short inhalation time. The RapidFlaem 7 nebulizer is designed for the effective treatment of the central and peripheral respiratory tract and is suitable for all common inhalation medications. It is an improved version of the proven RapidFlaem 6 nebulizer with better results. When used in conjunction with the Nebulair inhaler or another powerful inhaler, the RF7 nebulizer produces extremely fine particles, making it the optimal solution for the treatment of the lower respiratory tract.
With the new valve system, the RF7 nebulizer can change the inhalation speed:
In the MIN position it optimizes the best use and effectiveness of the aerosol.
In the MAX position, inhalation time is accelerated at the expense of lower aerosol efficiency.
The RF7 nebulizer can be sterilized in an autoclave (121°C at 1 bar) and disinfected with common products suitable for plastics. At home it is possible - to use a vaporizer or to boil the nebulizer in clean boiled water.
+ Aerosol efficiency (84% < 5 µm)
+ Sterilizable (121°C at 1 bar)
+ Efficient and fast spraying
+ Suitable for powerful inhalers or central compressed air
technical parameters
Max. capacity of the medication container: 8 ml
MMAD: 2 - 21 um
Particles less than 5 µm: 81 - 5 - 84 - 2%
Transferred µl per minute: 123 µl
Residual volume: 1077-1139 µl

Manufacturer number: FLAE ACO675P

Flaem Nuova nebulizer ACO675P

SKU: 16950