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Product description

Nebulizer RF9 with the ability to adjust the particle size by turning the lid.

It works in 4 operating modes:

        Particles larger than 7 µm (position 0) for the upper respiratory tract - high nebulization speed -
        Particles larger than 5 µm (position 1) for treatment of the tracheobronchial area -
        Particles between 3 and 4 µm (position 2) for bronchial treatment -
        Particles between 2 and 3 µm (position 3) - the medication enters the alveoli.

The nebulizer and accessories should be replaced every 6 months - to always ensure maximum therapeutic effect.

The Flaem RF9 nebulizer and accessories are easy to disassemble - wash and can be disinfected and sterilized.

Manufacturer number: FLAE ACO037B

Flaem Nuova nebulizer RF9

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