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The new standard in portable oxygen therapy

  • Patented SmartDose™ technology
  • Extremely sensitive breath detection (trigger)
  • Maximum oxygen delivery: 1014 ml
  • With flight approval
  • Includes a practical transport bag
  • Small - light and handy

The pioneering iGo2 has created a completely new class within portable oxygen concentrators. It is the first of its kind - equipped with the patented - self-adjusting SmartDose™ technology.

The oxygen delivery is automatically adjusted to your activities. So you can finally enjoy your life to the fullest again - without having to constantly pay attention to the oxygen setting you need.


Patented SmartDose™ technology automatically adjusts the oxygen dose to your breathing pattern. During moments of increased activity, more oxygen is released.

The dose is reduced accordingly - when you switch back to the rest phase.

SmartDose™ therefore promotes an active and individual lifestyle.

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Manufacturer number: DEVI 125K-3Y

DeVilbiss Portable Oxygen Concentrator iGo2

SKU: 11200
VAT Included